Ty-Rods Auto Club History

The rich history of the Ty-Rods Auto Club dates back to the late 1950’s, which where arguably the Golden Years of Hot Rods. This era also gave birth to the auto customizing and aftermarket performance engine industry.  As the Hot Rod movement grew, so did the dreams of young men throughout the country.

In 1959, 4 young men shared a small garage and a dream.  To form a club, where members could house their hot rods, whether pristine or being made from the ground up.  The Ty-Rods Auto Club was born.

Quickly realizing the limitations of their original garage, and with seemingly limitless creativity, the members moved to a more spacious facility on Reagan Rd in Rockville, Connecticut. This 10-bay garage was the perfect solution for the members and their Hot Rods.

After spending a little more than 15 years in this 10-bay garage, the members learned the building was going to be demolished. The search began for another building spacious enough to house all members and their cars.

In 1976, the members found a large barn in Vernon Connecticut which fit their needs.  To this day, this large barn is where the Ty-Rods Auto Club call home.

The very first swap meet was held at Stafford Motor Speedway in December 1976.

During this time, a friend of the Ty-Rods Auto Club was in need of a specially outfitted vehicle. The swap meet was actually held in the large barn located at the Speedway,  and hosted thirty-three vendors, spread out over the spacious club house.  After a very successful swap meet, and pure public demand, the decision was made…and the Ty-Rods Auto Club Swap Meet was made an annual Fall and Spring event.

By the early 80’s the Club house at the Speedway was bulging at the seams, and more space was needed. The event was moved outdoors where the vendors and spectators could enjoy more space.  During this time, local spectators would drive their Hot Rods to the swap meet, lining the out skirts of the race track.